Keeping it Inside and Sick of It

Most of us have had those moments where we felt so hurt, mad or frustrated that we wanted to take a baseball bat to a few windows and/or faces. While we all deal with these situations differently, those of us who choose to keep it inside may be putting ourselves at risk. It’s a notion that isn’t brought up often but there is a scientific link between how we feel and how we feel physically.

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A Love Affair…With Writing

As a preteen I began to fall in love with the notion of writing my own story. I had always loved reading and I guarded my collection of books with as much ferocity as I could. Everytime my mother got an itch to clean out the house I knew it was a matter of time before she made it to my bookshelf. We would argue endlessly about what I had to donate and what I could keep. She actually thought I could choose which books to give up!

“What about giving up the ones you read a long time ago?” she’d prompt.

“I re-read all of them though… a lot,” I’d sigh, knowing she wouldn’t understand.

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