About Moi

Here’s some more of me!

I suppose everyone always starts with the basics- birthplace, upbringing, interests, likes, hates, popularity status in High School, news you ‘totes’ need to know (God forgive me that word makes me laugh so hard). I’m no stranger to tradition or the norm, I even enjoy it most of the time. That being said….

Grew up in Orange County, yes the big OC. Raised by a driven mother who had three kids and still managed to get her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. My father is no less driven with a Bachelors in Psychology and an accomplished individual all around who owns his own business. However when it comes to him I’d amend the ‘raised’ part since sometimes it felt like mental boot camp than simply growing up around him. He taught me reading, writing, math, logic, reasoning, and he has never stopped pushing an emphasis on thinking for myself.

In short my parents are giants I constantly find myself wiggling in the shadows of. They raised my siblings and I around daily family meals, talking, constant connection, and the word “why”. Why did we make that mistake? Why did we learn that piece of history in that way in school? Why should I vote? Why, why, why. The twist here was that 99% of the time it was my father asking why and my siblings and I were made to answer. I’ve come to love the word ‘why’ and it’s as apart of me now as anything. I’ll leave specific info on my siblings out for now unless they want to highlighted at a later date.

Interests and likes! Boy howdy let’s see. Reading, writing, movies, my dogs, any TV show or book on myths, legends and monsters, puzzles, technology, my graduate program, and family. There’s a few to start but truthfully who needs to know every single thing anyone likes? It’s not exactly info your brain converts into long-term memory.

I love being influenced by nearly everything around me. I’ve been known to imitate people I meet or the shows I like. It was brought to my attention by my father but I’ve grown to control it to a degree. Now I use my tendency to mimic as a way of learning from others. If I act like a person I am favoring, what can that teach me about them?

As I work towards a Masters in Social Work I hope that this habit and my uncontrollable empathetic mindset allows me to connect with people in a way that makes them feel closer to me. Connection- that’s the thing I love the most, hands down. I love connecting with people and it has often put some people off but I’ll probably never stop. Not even when I’m dead…



2 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Hi! Just wanted to get to know you a bit and then I read the end….I have a BSW and MSW! It’s such a great field and I miss it now that I live in Germany. Good luck with your degree!

    • That’s awesome! I was going to get into creative writing but my mom and my boyfriend sold me on the idea of going the social work route. I have my whole life to write, but I really need the schooling to help the people I want to. So nice to meet a fellow social worker who also enjoys writing!! =D

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